Thursday, September 1, 2011

Etsy Vesties Team Banner Free For Your #Etsy Shop #vesteam @vesteam #vintage

Are you a member of the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team aka "Vesties" on Etsy? If so, why not advertise your official membership and allegiance to them here!  Customers will find the #vesTeam twitter tag and Vesties blog address on the banner! Go, ahead, wear it loud and proud!  Right click, save to computer and upload to your shop!  Get your team noticed today!  To Join Vesties, GO HERE.

Help keep this site free by visiting our sponsors! Today it's AtlasClassic, a new bodybuilding event in Baltimore, get healthy and work out (especially after sitting on your rear all day on the computer, those calories can pile up fast and these guys really motivate me. )

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