Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Etsy Vacation Banners For When Your Shop is Empty

I have come out with several free pretty Etsy Vacation Banners that you can use for free while your shop is in limbo, or you are on vacation or restocking. Right click and save them to your computer then upload to your Etsy shop!  Nothing urks me more when I look up a shop that's empty, so your customers may wonder if you are ever coming back. As a courtesy it's nice to put these Free Etsy Shop banners on your storefront to let them know you are coming back. All are 760x100 which is standard Etsy size.

Hope you like them all!  This site is free thanks to sponsors. Today's sponsor is the post on Big Fat Daddy's site which is Complete Guide to Dry Rub Seasoning  (in case you like to cook, too!)

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