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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New Etsy Size Banners

vintage melmac dinnerware blog
Click here to see my new etsy size banners, I'll be listing them on my VintageChalet blog from now on.

You can continue to use these old banners.

Thanks for reading all this time!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Etsy Shop Banners 1950s Sale Style

Retro Graphics Free ETsy shop banner

"Hey guys, I'm having a swell Etsy shop sale."

Here are a few great Etsy banners for having a great Etsy sale.  Switch them up and get rid of unwanted clutter!  Just right click and save them to your desktop and use as needed! In JPG format to fix the 760x100 classic Etsy shop banner.  I just love the retro 1950's style taken from out of date 1950s pamphlets!

"Let's talk about our Etsy shop sale over an Ice Cream Float"

Nothing reminds me of vintage 1950s like an old time ice cream fountain and the retro 50's Barbie doll style hair.  I love this summer sale banner above!

Free ETsy sale banner

"I'm swooning to the tunes of this Etsy sale!"

This vintage diva looks lovely singing tunes of her Etsy sale.

I hope you have enjoyed these free banners and will share them with your friends. I love making new banners. 

Visit my Etsy shop, Retro Chalet for great Etsy finds!
If you like vintage things , listen to this great Etsy seller story with Naa Ardua from PaperFloDesign on ETsy:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Sprung Free Etsy Banners Easter Chicks Farm

Free etsy shop banners

I've been slacking spending time looking for Spring (what a cold winter here on the East Coast)  that I forgot to design you these new Farm style banners for Spring Savings....They are made from vintage greeting cards, or vintage toy ephemera, whose graphics are now in free domain.  Some are without text so you can add your own, just in time for Spring!

barn animals banner

free etsy shop banner

 Feel free to use them before summer comes to show off your Etsy shop!  Run a sale! Clean out the clutter! The bright and cute designs will get you going!  I love the smells of Spring.  In the city you can smell tar (those are the people getting their roofs fixed), hear the sound of the noise from road repaving and the smell of delicious barbecue grills reminds you it's almost time for a cookout.
Also, mark your bookmark for these Easter Banners for next year : 

free easter website banners

free etsy banner

free etsy banners

easter graphics free

How to use: Simply right click and save them to your computer. I'm giving you full permission to use them in your Etsy shop! You should be able to find a place to add your own text.

Who to thank:   30 Days of Victory Etsy shop !  They are a small independent online boutique selling gorgeous and original clothing who is based in the Northern Quarter, in Manchester.

30 Days of Victory Etsy Shop
30 Days of Victory on Etsy : Adorable Fair Wear!!!
They say, " All our garments are super soft to the touch and are of a very high standard. They are ethically made and we work in conjunction with the The Fair Wear Foundation which exists to promote fair Labour conditions in the garment industry worldwide. None of our garments are treated with harmful chemicals like most garments are. Where possible we use organic cotton and all of garments are made with the intent of reducing carbon footprint."

Connect with them 
Twitter @30daysofvictory


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