Friday, March 9, 2012

I Support American - USA Alternative to Etsy or Artfire - Free Buttons

Here's something exciting for you!   You have to check out this site, ISupportAmerican!   Not only is an inexpensive alternative to Etsy and Artfire ($5 monthly fee, 0% commission and 0% listing fees) but it is only for American sellers! 

It is geared to stimulate the American Economy as every product on the site must be from an American Seller and Made in America!   I think this is a grand idea!    

On top of that, sellers can list up to 500 products with 10 images on each product.  Everything on the site must be from an American seller and made in America!  I love the way the site displays and it just screams patriotism, and is super easy to navigate.

Word has it they are going to make it super easy for Etsy and Artfire sellers to use a SHOP UPLOADER where you can upload your entire shop from Etsy or Artfire.....but the click of one button.

They have an easy to navigate system and even their version of collections  (like treasuries!)

Even as if it couldn't get any sweeter,  they  have a special promotion at the moment for every person who sets up a shop in the month of March they will receive a free gift worth $25 as a thank you, it's these cool and pretty handmade Barefoot Sandals!

Join now to get them!

FREE BUTTONS to use on your website or blog to link to your I Support American Shop:  Just right click and save them and upload to your system, linking to your shop!

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