Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free Etsy Shop Banners Snowman Christmas

Free Etsy Shop Banner Christmas

Check out these cute and free Snowman free banners for your Etsy Shop! Click on the image Above to save him! Use them at the holidays and I'll show you how to make them look best. You have permission to right click and save them to your computer.  The first one is a worried vintage snowman! I can't tell if he's worried that he will melt on his nose is going to fall off. Either way, you can stick your shop name on them like this:

Free Etsy Shop Banners

Below is another one, I just love him, he's off some vintage wrapping paper and quite dapper. Amazing what they did with only three colors, black, red, and green.  Although I love the graphics, it may be tricky to place your message on him due to color. You will have to use a dark text and place it square in the center of the snowmen's faces.

Click to copy him:

Free Etsy Banner

And here is how to place your text for optimum exposure:

Free Snowman banner etsy

Now the next one I liked so much, I had to offer him in two color combinations. He has been recaptured from an old vintage card, out of copyright and I love him:

free etsy christmas banner

How lovely is he? Adorned with a border and brightened up he's never looked better.  Now he is how you could place your text on him for your Etsy shop ....

free etsy banners

Now just in case you want to get super artsy and crafty, I have copied him in black and white.  This snowman looks super cool in black and white:

Etsy Shop Banner Snowman

Now why would someone want a black and white banner for Christmas? Well, to add red and green text to it like this, which really makes it pop!

Free Snoman Banners

How cute is that?  As usual these banners are free to use and share to your friends.  I love making banners out of old things such as wrapping paper, old cards, or books that are out of copyright. If you need a custom banner for your Etsy shop, you will have to contact me via my Etsy shop.

This post was made possible by:

Jenny Smith on Etsy
Patches the Pink Bear by Jenny Smith on Etsy!
Today, I was forced to create these great banners thanks to Jenny Smith (Plush Artist) on Etsy.  In case you don't know Jenny is from West Hollywood and she designs and hand-makes adorable Plush critters. They are whimsical and monster-like and she uses high end fur, wool felt and funky fabrics. You can visit her Etsy shop here, or her TeddyBearRepublic blog to see her one of a kind creations.

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