Saturday, December 1, 2012

Free Etsy Shop Holiday Banners Deer

free ety banners
More Free Etsy Shop Christmas and Holiday Banners

These cute vintage holiday banners for your Etsy shop are made out of vintage images that are out of copyright. They could have been old greeting cards or wrapping paper. I'm not selling them---they are free. Perfect to use in your Etsy store.

Deer Banner

hoilday banner

Deer Banners

I have a special love for deer. Ironically, my grandfather owned a hunting lodge in Danforth, Maine and most of the men in my family hunt deer and eat them. Never would I. After my grandpa passed I'd spend summers and winters there on vacation with my family staying with his friends. Deer would be everywhere, they were a staple at the local petting zoo. Once in the woods, a beautiful baby deer came right up to me, not scared at all. He or she, not sure which, reached out his nose and touched my hand, as if to say hello, then he turned and ran away.   I never forgot that and never could I eat one.  I think deer look so pretty grazing around the land.  I'm sure they can do damage to people and cars on the road, but I suppose if you think of it it was their home first before we decided to buy the lots and build. 

Free Holiday Website Banner Baby Deer

free graphics

I'm happy to say these little deer will be preserved forever and not eaten as Etsy shop holiday banners. These would look great if you drop your shop name on top. I've even created some variations you could use as is. 

Deer banner

etsy banners


Right click, save to your computer and use as needed. All are JPG files that won't take up a lot of room on your computer, but cute enough to get you through the holidays. Perfect for an Etsy sale!

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