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vintage styled avatar
I use this vintage style avatar to advertise this Free Etsy Banners site on other blogs, since they are mostly vintage style.
Here is a sample of my Avatars that I have designed. Avatars are normally smaller sized graphics (standard 125x125 pixels) , most under 200x200.  My avatars are priced around or under $5 ! What a bargain! You can purchase them here on Etsy if you find what you need, or contact me directly and I'll set you up a listing on Etsy.

These avatars are perfect for: 
  • Linking your Etsy shop on your blog or website sidebar.
  • Using for a forum avatar.
  • Advertising a special sale, contest, or interview on a sidebar of your site. 
  • Advertising on places like Project Wonderful, Everything Etsy, or Handmadeology!
My avatars include the (Type One) series, which features your item or product in it, which represents YOU. The second (Type Two) are vintage styled avatar. It is all based on what will work the best for you, and I'll be the one to decide!

Portfolio Samples:
vintage chalet
A Type Two vintage avatar works perfect for VintageChalet.
DoLoBo Avatar
DoLoBo sells wire wrapped jewelry. I featured his work in the avatar, so this is Type One. He uses it blog advertising.

vintage avatar
Mattie Reid Chicago sold vintage jewelry. This was one of her items, therefore Type One.

This was for a style blog I was working on. It's very eye catching Type Two vintage graphics.
Big Fat Daddy's is known for beef. Therefore their item was used in this Type One avatar.

RetroChalet Blog
Retro Chalet Melmac Blog, Vintage Type Two
 Type Two design represented Retro Chalet Etsy Shop on Design Sponge.  It's a vintage shop, and I had "one of the best performing ads".

Adrien Art has clean wares. This avatar proved worthy of that for a feature on Etsy Recyclers' Guild. This would be Type One.
Retro Babs Avatar
Retro Babs sells antiques and this was one of her items, therefore a Type One.

Thanks for looking!  ira mency
My Avatar.


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