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Blog help is here! Critiques and How-To books are being sold in my Etsy shop.  Essentially there are two different items, so let me explain. Scroll below to hear what my actual customers said!

1st Item:  A How-To Book. Most Popular is the Blogging Basics Book: 

blog book by Ira Mency

  An Indepth Look at Four Key Factors 

I will share with you FOUR BASIC tricks and tips I've learned that created over 200+ views a day for me on RetroChalet Blog. Better yet, you will understand WHY you must adhere to these four things. 

  Real Screenshot Examples of Before and After 

Written in Easy to Understand Terms

Updated Questions and Answers from Customers

BONUS: I'll be here for unlimited Questions and Answers!

2nd Item: Blog Critiques 

Blog Critique by Ira Mency

 This Blog Critique is More Personalized Towards YOUR BLOG.

This is An Indepth Look at YOUR BLOG

I will spend some time on YOUR blog and rate you on key factors that are important to get YOUR blog noticed!  This takes me about 4 hours to review and compile. 

  Real Screenshot Examples of YOUR BLOG and suggestions on how to improve it. 

Changes to Make to Make it More SEO Friendly.

Written in Easy to Understand Terms

Hints on How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

BONUS: I'll be here for unlimited Questions and Answers!

 Go to My Etsy Shop to See What is Available.

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