Custom Logos Portfolio


If you are looking for a "small" logo, under 200x200 pixels, go to the small Avatar page. If larger, like the one above, go HERE to the Large Avatars / Logo Page.  If you require something larger than 200x200 square, my logo price is under $12.  Purchase them HERE if they are available or contact me directly to set up an Etsy listing.  See some examples of the ones I've done below.  

Logos are perfect for:
  • Advertising your product or shop on the side of a website, largely, for maximum exposure. 
  • Posting in a blog post or web article. 
  • Starting a design to market your wares. 
  • Attention-getting anywhere on the web.
Here are some samples:

               Above : These 8 retro divas in your choice of colors are available customized 2/$5 on Etsy.


View available designs below in both my Etsy shops!


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