Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Flapper Girl Sale Sign Button Etsy Blog or Banner

Flapper girl Art Deco Movie Star Clearance Sign!  You can use this Sale and Clearance button as is by right clicking and saving to your desktop.  It's great on a website sidebar or at the bottom of a blog post to attract attention to a sale or clearance.  Now, if you need it smaller, you can change the size of it.....

Here is an HTML code to copy for a 125x125 version of it. COPY THIS CODE (replace the red with your shop or website address!)

<a href="" / > <img src="" width="125" size="125" />

Tip: Now you must copy your web home page address exactly, yours may or may not have an .html  extension at the end of it!  If you want to mess with the size, replace the 125 with a different size

Here is the same code with it centered...

<center><a href=" / > <img src="" width="125" size="125" /></center> 

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